The Truth About Capitalism

On any given day there is a constant but building humm on the negative impact of capitalism. Recently capitalism is being blamed for most of today's modern world's woes and a convenient scapegoat for too many a politician. Sentiments that we frequently hear are: poor- the culprit, capitalism.  Global warming - again, capitalism.  Out of wedlock births- you got it, capitalism.  Like the saying goes "when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail". Today, it looks like our only defective tool at least from the bully pulpit by disingenuous and miss informed people is capitalism.

A pleasant reprieve was the article written by Economist Deirdre McCloskey , that illustrates the positive and profound impact of economic freedom on our globe the best. The stark increase in per capita income now stands globally at over $45,000. It is pleasing to see America leading the way, just like America leads the way on many positive measures. Being the most prosperous has also enabled the USA to also be the most giving nation.

It is amazing that today such things are viewed as insignificant and an inconvenient truth that is constantly marginalized.

Don't get me wrong, there is so much more we can do.  The recent visit of the pope to America underscores his belief that we can and should do much more to help the poor and disadvantaged.  From my perspective we also need policies and programs that build the middle class but this seems to be a missing concern for most.  It is interesting that the median income has actually declined over the last seven years at the same time we have seen significant increases in entitlement programs.  We have ninety plus million people out of the work place.  Immigration reform and an overhaul of our tax system are a must as is fixing our education and health systems.  All that said, we need to again look at what good we are doing and work at ways of replicating and improving and not tearing down our efforts.

From my experience of building companies it is always important to shoot for goals but never wise to discount all previous work.  We need to get alignment and we absolutely must operate and make our decisions on the same facts.  We can not tolerate separate agendas being born on false Intel like we allow today.

Just pause and think about the growth in per capita of income graph.  If we saw that upward and positive trajectory on any other measure we would believe and rightfully so that we are in fact moving in the right direction.

We must have leaders the world over believe in individual prosperity but it should not be permissible to allow the blovatiators to blame capitalism for our woes.It is simply too easy to do so and not based on reality.  We are really developing a "talk over" and "take" society.  We need a return to personal accountability and community building.  President Reagan stated it best, " we must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker.  It is time to restore the American percept that each individual is accountable for his actions."  Our true issues come from many other places and they could be addressed by a population that takes time to study the facts, review the voting records of our elected leaders and then get involved and vote to make sure that their views are not just heard but acted upon.  Anything less is simply allowing being uninformed to shape our future.  Now that is something we should really be animated about.

On a personal level we should celebrate the advancements that comes through capitalism and the economic freedom it brings.  For those fortunate enough, that means everyone above the poverty line,  our collective agenda should be topersonally make a difference on a daily basis in the communities we live and work. We need to get back to being a force for good. Are you doing you part?