What to Say and Why to Say it

As a leader in the workplace, your words are being constantly meticulously reviewed and analyzed by your employees, whether they are consciously doing so or not. As a result, there are certain phrases and words that can be used in order to properly cultivate an environment of individualism, of passion and of innovation. While of course, it is not necessarily the words themselves that yield this result, it is the thought behind them. That said, the words provide a nice framework for the type of workplace that entrepreneurs should be cultivating and encouraging. Without further ado, here they are:


Go for it.

In the midst of bureaucratic nonsense, organizations all-too-often get stuck in an administrative hold before being able to accomplish what they need to accomplish. Deny this paralysis by analysis and go for it. Tell your employees to go for it. Articulate that it’s okay for them to strike out on their own.



It is of vital significance to verbalize that your employees’ insight is not only accepted, but it is encouraged. Foster an environment of questions and answers. Make it known that it’s okay for your subordinates to provide insight and suggestions. Doing so will increase their participation, their value to the company, and their role in ongoing projects.


I made a mistake.

Admitting when you make an error is incredibly important when leading by example. Your coworkers must understand that you know you’re not perfect, and it’s okay if they’re not perfect too. Mistakes are inevitable and to pretend otherwise does nothing but to hinder future progress and current success. Recognize your weaknesses and improve upon them.


I appreciate you when...

Make sure to express your gratitude for a job well done or a goal exceeded. By articulating your satisfaction, you are letting your employees know they are responsible for current success. By your verbalizing appreciation, your employees will take pride in what they have accomplished, which will in turn encourage them to take pride in everything they will do for the company, thus increasing overall work performance going forward.


This is the way it is.

Transparency is of incredible importance when you are acting in a leadership capacity. So long as you keep things straightforward with your fellow workers, you are building a foundation of trust which will be reciprocated when an appropriate situation arises from the other side. Make sure your employees don’t feel it necessary to hide anything from you by building a bond of trust and transparency, a bond of mutual respect and acknowledgment.

When leading a company, we must be sure we are cultivating the best possible environment for free-thinkers so that we can continue to innovate and to push ourselves so that we may best the competition. What to say and why to say it is just the beginning.