To Change the World, Change Your Mind

To change the world, change your mind. Although a bit less profound, the same philosophy can be applied to dealing with a less than personable boss. Sometimes nosey, sometimes far too intrusive, sometimes downright rude, bosses have the power to make the workplace difficult, to say the absolute least. Yet, even having a terrible boss can be a good thing. When working under someone with questionable behavior, you should keep your head up, your eyes forward, and the following in mind:


At times, poorly behaved bosses will fail to show grace while giving what is supposed to be constructive criticism. When witnessing such displays of borderline verbal abuse and insulting remarks towards subordinates, you should remember that such inclinations of maliciousness are exactly what you do not want to display when you work your own way to the top. Regardless of how intelligent or efficient you are, all management positions require an advanced degree of refined emotional intelligence.


Communication between management and their subordinates is supposed to be a mutual exchange. One is supposed, talk and then listen, and then absorb the information to make the best possible decision. Yet, far too often, management will become absorbed in their hierarchical stratification and will fail to listen. They will only talk and neglect their employees potentially innovative ideas in favor of hearing the sound of their own voice. This destructive tendency tarnishes superiors’ reputations because it forces employees to find another medium of expression where they are allowed to voice their ideas, their opinions, and perhaps most importantly, their feelings.

The boss is the boss.

Although it is important to listen to your workers, that is not to say the boss does not have the final word. Communication should certainly be open, but the boss can by no means allow themselves to be bullied into a decision. Of course, every opinion should be heard, but that does not mean it has to be acted upon.

Pay well and equally.

It is of the utmost significance that employees who do a similar job are paid a similar salary. If the boss fails to pay his or her workers the same salary, and word gets out, then he or she is bound to inspire resentment amongst the staff. A paycheck is clear indication of value, and to marginalize someone over another when they are each doing the same job is at the very best misguided, and at the very worst worthy of legal action.

Even when dealing with the worst of the worst, we can learn something, grow, and apply those lessons to future situations. Just because you may not get along with a particularly difficult boss, that is in no way an excuse to shut down. Instead, embrace the scenario and better yourself for it. That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.