I know without the personal commitment from Des that Juma’s expansion would not have been possible and I truly thank Des for helping us malce a positive difference in thousands of at-risk low-income youth lives. Des is well regarded in the communities he serves and by his entire workforce.
— - Marc Spencer, CEO, Juma Ventures
It has been my pleasure to know and work with Des since the time he joined Safeway as the President of Perishables. He has a unique blend of skills that you only see in successful people at the most senior levels of any organization. Des has demonstrated the vision, creativity and capability to achieve remarkable results. He has a sincere and genuine concern for people and unquestionable integrity. I was able to see Des be successful in several situations as he drove many strategic cross functional efforts that shaped the future of the company. He is a gracious and considerate leader who leads by example and he never lets his own personal needs or ego interfere with what is best for his team or the company. Des brings great passion and energy to everything that he does. He is one of the most visionary leaders I have had the opportunity to work with during my professional career. His leadership and analytical skills are extraordinary and his drive to win is insatiable. I have worked with many great leaders, but Des has set the standard that I use to compare all others.
— Roger Glenn